ShakeWell 50+ Protein Beverage Mixes

Introducing The ShakeWell 50+ Brand

Today’s 50+ year olds are living faster paced lives, and healthy aging is everyone’s goal for a great quality of life.  Choosing clean, plant-based foods with quality ingredients are an important part of the healthy aging process.      At age 50+, it’s a smart move to choose proteins and nutrients from plants that are gluten free, non-allergenic, and easy to digest.


ShakeWell 50+ is a plant protein beverage mix made from hemp seeds!  It doesn’t have any THC, and is one of the world’s unique foods that provides complete amino acids for building every cell in the body.    ShakeWell 50+ is specially formulated to help you manage your changing nutritional needs to maintain brain health, flexible joints, stronger bones and delicate digestive systems at this stage of life.


Whether you’re starting a new business, helping raise grandchildren, building your dream home, or healing after an illness (or all of the above!), we’ve added certified and tested ingredients to enhance your health goals.     We’ve done the research to make sure our ingredients meet international standards for safety, with most consumers noticing a difference in joint flexibility and energy within 5 days.


ShakeWell 50+ will be released soon!  


Plan to make ShakeWell 50+ part of your healthy aging lifestyle!

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